How Good is boAt Stone 1400 Bluetooth Speaker?

Topic: boAt Stone 1400 Bluetooth Speaker with 30W Loud Audio

Buying Online a Physical products is one of the toughest. Especially when it come to high price. So I’m here to help you.

I did all the research for you. Below are the information what I have know so far, check out before buying.

Author Ratings:

  • Sound Quality: 4.7
  • Bass: 4.5
  • Build Quality: 4.6
  • Design: 4.5

Editor Overall Ratings


Go Wireless Everytime With boAt Stone 1400

The Key Features are quite impressive and just by not digging deep it can really win your heart. However, in this review we will dig deep on boAt Stone 1400, so that you can make a decision.

  • IPX 5 Certified
  • Robust Indoor & Outdoor Design With Carrying Handle.
  • Dynamic 30 Watt Powerful Sound.
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.2/AuX/USB Compatibility.
  • Easy Access Integrated Controls.
  • True Wireless Function Pitch Perfect With 2 Equaliser Mode.


  • Speaker Type: Stereo
  • IPX Rating: IPX5
  • Driver Type: Full Range Driver
  • Driver Size: 70mm outer & 30mm inner
  • Impedance: 6Ω &4
  • Sensitivity (dB): 75dB±3DB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Battery Capacity (mAh): 2500 mAh
  • Playback Time: 7 hours
  • Charging Time: 4.5 hours
  • Standby Time: 360 hours
  • Bluetooth Version: V4.2
  • Compatibility: All Bluetooth Devices
  • Bluetooth Range: 10 M

boat stone 1400

Design & Build Quality boAt Stone 1400 Bluetooth Speaker

This boAt Stone 1400 Bluetooth Speaker with 30W is really huge in size. With concern to weight is around 3 Kg. By looking at the build quality is totally a composition of plastic. However, the material is really tough and good enough. At the front side there is a speaker and it is embedded with metallic grill.

At the backside of speaker, the connecting port viz Auxiliary and USB are located along with a charging port having a Type-C. And Yes, this can be really be a plus point. The control buttons and battery indicator ate located at the top of the speaker. The available control panels are Play/Pause, Previous/ Next Track, On/Off and Indoor/Outdoor.

To make it more enhance of the output sound at both of the side the bass radiator are located. Indeed, this boAt Stone 1400 Bluetooth Speaker has an inbuilt mic located at side of LED battery indicator. Which means that you need not to unplugged the devices amd speaker to attend the call.

Connectivity Performance:

This boAt Stone 1400 30 W Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with only 4.2 of Bluetooth version. And having a range of 10 M connectivity, well this is common in any type of wireless Speaker. Concerning the connection with devices it can easily and quickly connect with it. But, yes you can get a little issue with the connectivity.

Battery Performance of boAt Stone 1400:

This boAt Stone 1400 Wireless Extra Bass has a capacity mAh of 2500. Indeed, as per claim made by the company that with a single full charge it can a maximum of 7 Hours Playback. However, this is not the case in the real world. So, in reall you will get a maximum of 5 hours by playing a music at 60 to 70 percent volume. At full volume you can get 3 hours of playback time. For me this is the place that really needs development. Hoping to see at least 4000 or 5000mAh of battery. Along with this it have a standby time of 360 hours. And recharging the speaker from 0 to 100 percent of battery could take upto 4 and half hours.


Sound or Audio Quality of boAt Stone 1400:

Well, while having a party or enjoying a music, I think everyone would love to turn up the atmosphere. So, why not to turn up with this boAt Stone 1400. Having a Premium 70mm Driver it can get really loud along with a high definition immersive audio.

Regarding the output power is 30 Watt. The front speakers are having 10 Watt each. And the tweeters are having 5 Watt each. Like I mention before to enhance the output of the bass. The radiator are located at the side of the speaker.

It really impress me by the Indoor and Outdoor mode. The reason is that this can be very useful while partying or listening a music outdoor. Because there will no compromise on the quality of the sound.

Before discussing the quality of sound, I wanted to highlight that while playing a Video one thing you will notice is that it is lack in synchronisation. Wether the video from an Online or Offline source.

In one word at this price point the quality is just brilliant as well as amazing. The 30 Watt claim by the company do the justice. To make you more understanding let divide into three parts viz- Highs, Mids and Low.

The Mids- If you set the volume at 80 percent level, this part handle the high like a boss. What I mean is that nothing temper as well as reduce. Indeed it is clear, crisp and pleasant. However, it does not produce sharp the output sound which make less hassle while listening. In short it is perfect and it is meant what is to be.

The Mids- Especially the mids represent the vocals part. However in this section it does the job well. It is so rich, smooth and wholesome and they are just amazing.

The Lows- If you are a Bass Lovers and hunting for Extra Bass Wireless Mouthpiece I think this won’t disappoint you. In short this is power pack bass Mouthpiece. It is just amazing and does produce a punchy and a heavy Bass. The powerfull bass do the justice when you listen any type of song that does the lows.

There is a little difference in Indoor and Outdoor mode. In Indoor mode the sound are not that sharp and does not give punchy and bass. However, in Outdoor mode there is a little bit down in the bass section. Regarding the distortion upto 80 percent you won’t get any. But at 90 to 100 percent volume there is a little bit distortion on sound.

Pros & Cons


  • Good Bass Quality.
  • Good Build And Rugged Quality.
  • Can Connect Two Devices Because Of That You Can Take Advantage Of Sterio Sound Effect.


Not really a Cons, but yes there place where I think a little need of improvement.

  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Battery Capacity.
  • IPX Rating 5.


Still getting confuse wether to buy or not? And yes, lets try to breakdown your confusion in a few words. So, if you are not concerning the size and portability. And if you are searching the ultimate and powerful Sound output and good Bass quality. Why to skip this boAt Stone 1400 Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker.

Yet, this can really be a good choice for a party lovers also. It can ultimately rock your party. But but I wanna remind you again that the life span of battery is less. And you need to have compromise on this section. However, keeping a side this this can really win your heart.

boAt Stone 1400 Bluetooth Speaker with 30W Loud Audio Up to 7H Playtime and Type-C Charging, TWS Feature, IPX5 Water Resistance (Army Green)boAt Stone 1400 Bluetooth Speaker with 30W Loud Audio Up to 7H Playtime and Type-C Charging, TWS Feature, IPX5 Water Resistance (Active Black)

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